We are Muslims living in North America who observe halal.  Probably just like you.

So we regularly ask the same question: “What restaurants nearby serve halal meat?”

We grew tired of getting incomplete, out of date, and unclear answers.

So we built the site and the service that we always wish existed. We hope you enjoy it and make great use of it. We’ve put together the most comprehensive and current database around.

But we are more than just a guide!

First, we also help you order. We provide links to the best services from which to buy from the restaurant of your choice.

But just as important, our team is working to expand halal options in North America for your benefit.

We actively reach out with popular non-halal restaurants and meat suppliers to convince them to serve halal meat.

We do so by showing them how much demand there is in their cities and how much their sales will increase by switching to halal. 

The more people who sign up for our service, the more we can go to restaurants with these statistics.

So sign up! Join our family today, and we will make eating halal easier and more enjoyable for all of us.