Afghan Bistro


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Afghan Bistro’s classical recipes bring the wisdom of our ancestors to present day. We honor their wholesome approach to food by using:
NO GMOs, NO PRESERVATIVES, NO MSG, NO HORMONES, NO MICROWAVES, or other nuclear methods of cooking.
Afghan Bistro’s menu caters to every diet. We have many Paleo friendly dishes to choose from, but there’s so much more than delicious Kabobs and Aromatic meat stews. Our sister restaurant, Bistro Aracosia, was voted one of the top 50 Best Restaurants in The United States for Vegetarians by Forbes magazine. Vegans will be delighted by the rich flavors of our vegan dishes.
​Our guests on a Gluten Free diet may rest assured that almost everything on our menu is Gluten Free. Our guests who consume only Halal meat will be happy to know all our meats are Halal.
Warming spices are said to boost immunity. Afghan Bistro’s use of exotic spices may help boost the immune system and may empower the body to fight illness.
Your dining experience at Afghan Bistro helps those in need. We’re honored to contribute a percentage of proceeds to vulnerable people in our community.
We look forward to welcoming you.