Originally started by Mr and Mrs. Shah Moghul, Bismillah Restaurant & Cafe has been a well known staple in the Houston culinary scene for the past 15+ years. Thru dedication and countless hours in the hospitality business, they created a brand that has blown the local community away and brought celebrities through the doors from afar. Since his retirement, it has been taken over by Moghul’s Son Inam and daughter Huma who have expanded to bring more locations to the Houston area. As second generation Restauranteurs, they have come up with fresh and innovative culinary dishes for new generations to enjoy! From traditional authentic kebabs and curries to American flares like burgers, pizza, & wings. Sprawled across the restaurants walls are the rich Houston and Pakistani heritage they were brought up in and autographs of recent celebs who have given the pleasure of dining with us! The Restaurant specializes in a wide range of Pakistani-American meals to get your taste buds tingling so come give us a try!

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