Café Efendi got its start in 2004. Its birthplace was a small somewhat historical house in the heart of Alpharetta. What was once the home of the first doctor in Alpharetta, became the home of Café Effendi. It was a unique concept at that time to have a Turkish restaurant in Alpharetta, but founder Suheyl “Hal” Buran had a vision for his restaurant’s beginning.
The quaint building with its steep peaked roof, little rooms and patio seating made a unique cozy environment, which began to draw interest amongst the locals. The allure of savory ethnic foods, Turkish music, belly dancing and Hookah pipes peaked people’s curiosity. Word began to spread about the unique new restaurant in the neighborhood. Regulars became like family and the Efendi family kept growing until finally it outgrew the house.
In spring of 2017 Café Efendi entered a new phase of the restaurant’s life. You may recall Yusuf Uludag from a few years ago. He is back as owner and implementing his vision and expertise into making Café Efendi even greater. Also part of the team is chef, Bariş Civan from Adana, Turkey, featuring delicious authentic recipes prepared with fresh quality ingredients. You will find mouthwatering new dishes on the menu as well as some of your old favorites.
At Café Efendi there may have been some recent renovations to the building and menu, but regardless of changes and growth, one thing remains constant… Café Efendi’s welcoming, friendly atmosphere, where everyone feels at home.
If you haven’t visited lately, come see what Café Efendi is doing now!

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