Raymond Robbins in Atlanta, Georgia founded the original Chai Peking in 1997. Chai Peking is an authentic glatt kosher Chinese restaurant operating inside national supermarket chain situated in the neighborhood of Atlanta’s largest orthodox Jewish community. The selection of this location was part of an overall strategic plan to serve the Jewish community quality kosher food while creating a profitable operation for the owner. The supermarket is one of the few places in Atlanta offering the Jewish community a large selection of kosher foods. Securing a location within this store affords the Jewish consumer the opportunity to purchase not only packaged grocery foods but glatt kosher prepared foods as well. In our case, great Chinese food!
Since it’s inception, Chai Peking has been so well received it has become a destination place for not only the Atlanta community, but kosher Jews who are visiting our city, or, just passing through.
Chai Peking is a small glatt kosher restaurant with a space measuring approximately 500 square feet. Our signage is an eye catching backlit awning with bright Chinese mustard yellow, black and red colors. Chai Peking is spelled out in a Chinese style font. The storefront is open and inviting with the line forming in front of the steam table tempting the customer as they wait for their turn to order. One hundred percent of our business is take out although Chai Peking customers can choose to dine in sharing a large seating area with the Kroger supermarket. Forty-five percent of our customers order their meals directly from the steam table. These orders are mostly ‘specials’ meals consisting of egg roll, choice of soup, choice of entrée, and a drink. The balance of the entrées are cooked-to-order and come straight from the custom wok stove. Chai Peking uses authentic Chinese recipes created by our master chef. These recipes have been in the family for many years. The expertise in Chinese cooking has played an integral part n the success of Chai Peking. The employees at Chai Peking wear a Chai Peking uniform and a big welcoming smile. Our people are not only neat and presentable, but consistently remember customer’s names. Customer service and our delicious authentic Chinese cuisine are the reason Chai Peking has become an overwhelming success.

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