Djerdan Burak


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We are a family owned and operated small business specializing in fillo dough burek pies since 1997. Djerdan was initiated by my parents who came to USA as Bosnian refugees who wanted to bring old recipes to the new world. Our restaurants gained recognition and praise from press and customers alike for quality and uniqueness of our products. In 2007 we opened up a wholesale kitchen concentrating all our efforts in perfecting the burek pies as a ‘bake at home’ product and distributing it to local restaurants and food markets. In 2014 we moved the production to a modern facility in New Jersey and have increased our production capabilities with hope to expand distributions beyond local level.
– Our Mission –
Our mission at Djerdan Burek Company is to introduce fillo dough Burek pies, a main staple food of the Balkan region for centuries, to mainstream national food markets. Using traditional methods of production and freshest ingredients, we intend to establish burek pie as a healthy and unique option for all.

Adding to our melting pot a bit more flavor – one fillo dough layer at a time.

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