Empire Halal Grill


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Empire Halal Grill offers an extended menu like no other halal restaurant. Not only do we give the standard chicken, lamb or falafel over rice, salad and pita bread but we also offer other sides and our very own sIgnature salads to go along with it. Empire Halal Grill is home of the spicy white sauce, we are the only halal place that offers our signature sauces. Every order and every plate is made freah. Our produce is purchased daily from our local farmers market along with our fish is purchased and prepared daily. Never frozen always fresh. We have brought authentic and traditional Mediterranean flavors to the community with a touch of love.
Established in 2013.
We started our business in 2013 with one food truck. Now we have 4 food trucks and one brick and mortar store that is located on Levittown, NY.
Meet the Manager
Business owner information
Tony M.
Hard work will always pay off, Tony has been running this truck from the beginning. Working long hours to give the best halal food to our customers. He has establish great relationships with our usual clientele. He would know and have their order ready even before arriving to the window. Tony has been in the restaurant business for over 25 years and has always excelled at each and every location. His style and techniques are driving our customers back to us. ‘Fresh is success’ as he would say serving the customers. He always puts love into each order as if he would be making it for himself.

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