Halal Pizza & Fried Chicken


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At Halal Fried Chicken And Pizza Kissimmee , we are passionate about our pizzas and Fried Chicken. We work relentlessly to source the best possible ingredients, regardless of cost. From our mozzarella cheese to our fresh packed tomatoes, our real meat toppings, no soy or fillers, our fresh sliced vegetables, sourced locally when possible. We proudly serve natural chicken wings ,Pizza ,Pasta,Burger,Jumbo Shrimp,Salad and Many More. In addition to the very best ingredients, we make pizza the way pizza was meant to be made – hand tossed with dough fresh-made in each store every day. Cheese shredded and vegetables sliced daily with great care. But we couldn’t deliver the best pizzas and Fried Chicken without the best staff – the friendliest people to take your order, make your pizza, and deliver it faster than you thought possible! Our simple goal – To exceed your expectations each and every time you order and to make you as passionate about Halal Fried Chicken And Pizza Kissimmee as we are!

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