The Himalayan Restaurant in Niles IL 60714 opened its door in December 2003. This unique Indian and Nepali specialty dining restaurant is the brainchild of two friends. They both started in the technical industry. But their love for the Indian and Nepali food, aspiration to provide better customer service and innate desire to share their culture lead them into the world of restaurants.They realized that the people of the Indian sub continent who are currently living in the Northern suburbs as well as people who love Indian food in general were not exposed to truly authentic Indian and Nepali cuisine like what could be found back in their home country. With that in mind they persuaded and teamed up with immensely talented Chef Mr. Bishnu Subedi for their venture and have been working harder every day to serve and satisfy every customers.Executive ChefchefChef Bishnu Subedi – After a few years of training in Nepali and Indian culinary in Kathmandu, Chef Bishnu has worked in Schamburg, Devon and Evanston as a server and chef before partnering to open the Himalayan Restaurant. With over 12 years of experience, Chef Bishnu’s passion for cooking can be experienced in every dish he makes. He says, “If I cannot make customers happy, I am not doing my job and I cannot introduce myself as a chef. If you are not satisfied with what I serve you, tell me what you were expecting and how you want it and I will make it your way. When you leave Himalayan Restaurant after meal, you have to be satisfied. Anything less is not acceptable here.”

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