House of Kabob has been a local Parkville eatery since 1985. Bahman and Shahnaz came to the United States to share their Persian’s rich culinary history with the people in their new country. To do this they brought their hundreds of year old family recipes with them, recipes originated from one of the oldest civilizations known to mankind.
Persian foods reflect a unique taste of many different cultures surrounding and in contact with Persia- today’s Iran. There is the Russian inspired olovieh. The Greeks have stuffed grape leaves -dolmathees- while the Persians have dolmeh. The Arabs and Lebanese have ground beef Kufta kabob while the Persian style is referred to as Koobideh.
House of Kabob is known for its personal touches. For instance, we make our own bread daily. Our traditional Persian flat bread, Nan, is made in the old-fashioned bread ovens of ancient Iran which are known as Tanoor. We have been serving the best Persian food in Baltimore area with our ancient traditional recipes. We can say without a doubt that House of Kabob serves to more Persian customers than any middle-eastern eatery in the Baltimore metropolitan area.
Come to House of Kabob for the best in Persian dining!

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