Ramesh and Sonal Patel are entrepreneurs at heart. So, when Sonal suggested they expand their Indian grocery store, Indian Market, to include their own restaurant, Ramesh was all in, along with their well-known chef, Chef Bhim. At Indian Masala, our fare is inspired by the traditions of Indian royalty as well as cutting-edge street fare. Since there’s always a special event on the horizon, we offer catering and party orders to take your get-togethers over the top. With both protein-packed plates as well as vegetarian dishes to enjoy, it won’t be long before our restaurant becomes your family’s favorite
Everything is made fresh from scratch, all sauces & spices are prepared in house to maintain consistency in taste and quality. We specialize in Catering & on site Catering as well as Home Delivery.
Please join us for the finest dining experience of food, hospitality and luxury that Indian cuisine can offer.

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