Jenin Pastry


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At Jenin Pastry we have one mission in mind: ingredients matter, freshness matters, and people matter. Our authentically prepared, high quality, always freshly baked goods are phenomenal in both taste and visual appeal.
The art of our pastries has been passed down from father to son to ensure that our recipes maintain their integrity. The art of our pastry making is a family passion, originating from our hometown of Jenin. We are taking our recipes from our kitchens and bringing them to your home. All of our pastries are prepared with a reverence for great ingredients, a passion for careful baking, and a steadfast dedication to serving only the freshest items.
Jenin Pastry allows you to enjoy terrific baked goods and deserts, accompanied by a delicious beverage, in a welcoming environment. Our team is here to ensure that you always have an exceptional experience.
We always bake with love and from scratch, focusing on quality ingredients and timeless taste. The childhood memories from our kitchens have been recreated through Jenin Pastry in a way
that is new, yet familiar.
Remember to take a moment out of each day to enjoy something sweet!

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