Flame-grilled, juicy, spicy… there’s a reason
Nando’s chicken is legendary. We marinate our chicken in PERi-PERi for
24 hours before it’s basted. All our sauces, bastes and marinades are
made with fresh, real ingredients and have no artificial flavours or
colourants. We flame-grill because it reduces the fat content and
regular basting is what keeps it so succulent.
And now for the fun part, the PERi-ometer. We’re
all about choice – you control how hot you want it. So whether you like
your spice Extra Hot, Medium or Plain…ish, there’s something for every
spice level. Keep an eye out for our seasonal guest spices like Mango
& Lime, Spiced Clementine or Garlic BBQ – there for a good time, not
a long time.

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