Pizza Amore Cafe


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We are an Italian food and pizza restaurant in the beautiful San Juan Capistrano.
We have over 7 years of experience making pizza and Italian foods.

Our founder Nima is an amazing example of artist meets entrepreneur, and has his own signature recipes that can’t be mimicked.
“I’ve always dreamed of owning a small pizza restaurant. Nothing too crazy, just a nice cozy place. I’ll use my own recipe making the best Pizza & Pasta. We’ll be able to entertain here all of the time. It will be like a second home for everyone.” Nima Neshat
We only use the best ingredients in our signature crust Pizza and thin crust pizza, sandwiches and other recipes. Our Dough is made Fresh Daily, with special flour, 100% milk mozzarella cheese, mixed with special ingredients, to give our customers the pizza that has made us successful for the last 7 years.
When people come to Amore, they expect the best, and that is what we deliver, every time! So we invite you and your family to come in and try our delicious and fresh food.