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Bienvenue – JeeAyaan Nu – Welcome
Darbar, a Persian term from the Mughal Era of India, refers to the place from where Maharajas and Maharanis ruled the people of their land. Indian royalty held courts of justice, made public announcements, and offered common feasts and celebrations from their Darbar.
Dear Guests, we now take this opportunity to welcome you to your Darbar. RestoDarbar features the cuisine of Punjab (Northern India); a reinvention of classic North Indian cuisine for today’s more discriminating palate. With over thirty years of experience, our chefs are constantly rethinking the classic Punjabi dishes. Simply said, our vision at Darbar is to showcase the food of modern Punjab: bold, healthy, and flavour-intense.
Every aspect of Darbar – the food, the décor, the ambiance is designed to excite the senses while honouring the Punjabi tradition. Exclusively set in one of the most hip cities of our world, Darbar offers a vibrant lounge atmosphere and outdoor terrace where sophistication meshes seamlessly with style. After all, at Darbar, taste and style are the only trends that matter: an ideology common amongst the Punjabi people. Montreal has long awaited the unique flavours of Punjab, and tonight, we gladly wait upon you. On that note, we kindly ask you to sit back and relax as we take you on a journey through the sights, sounds, and tastes of India.

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