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During my studies, finishing my masters at Concordia University; I noticed my friends were ordering Biryani from Desi style restaurants and having fun. I was always looking at their happy faces while they were having Biryani, making this a daily activity, where not only eating was involved, but the sharing of a plate among friends and family. One day I decided to make a more authentic dish, I made a Bombay style Biryani for my friends and peers, they loved it, making it a great success and then suggested me to make it on commercial basis for the students. The idea of a restaurant was then born.
The goals were set: making authentic Biryani, providing great quality and service. I accepted this challenge and decided to open it for the public, mainly directed to students at McGill and Concordia Universities and got very positive feedback. This gave me a lot of energy to open an authentic restaurant. Finally, in march 2014 I succeeded opening a little restaurant setup in the heart of Montreal downtown.
STB dedicates itself for “Peace & Love”. Which is the most absent state that most humans are in need of. As we are aware millions of kids are dying of hunger every year and restaurants are wasting more than 40% of food. Our goal is to increase our funds for donation to charity for the lack of nutrition around the globe. STB cares about every single customer and we always use two special ingredients in our dishes which are: Care & Love. Finally, special thanks to Mr. Jahangir and his group who took the STB project making it easier for me to open a restaurant.
Student Tasty Biryani Inc.

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