Journey with us to explore the unique flavors of Mid-Eastern cuisine. Our journey will take you through a variety of tastes, smells and textures that will excite your senses. We will begin this journey with a natural and healthy dose from our selection of Raw Juices, then we will travel to our delightful garden of salads. Each salad has a unique look and flavor, serving to prepare you for the main event, the Lunch Experience. The Lunch Experience is a combination of dishes selected carefully to reflect our rich history and culture. This experience will allow you to experience the unique healthy way of preparing Mid-Eastern cuisine, and it will also allow you to do it economically and nutritiously. To have the experience quicker, then our sandwiches are the way to go. We would like to end the journey on a sweet note, and nothing is better than a piece of Baklava. You can also bring the experience to your work-place through our free delivery service or to a special occasion through our catering services

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