Chef Saumil alumni from World premier Culinary College of Culinary Institute Of America opened Wok N Tandoor in 2016, and now the chef has his eyes on the people of Tucson, Arizona and brings you the “Tamarind Of Tucson” It is a modern fine dining restaurant, offering unique Indian food and fusion of Indian Chinese. Allowing our customer to choose from a wide variety of mouth watering dishes.Our food is sourced from top quality seasonal ingredients. We consider to be a truly “Fusion” restaurant honoring many different cooking traditions and interpreting them with our unique creative vision.Trained by great chefs across the world it has thought him wonderful artisanal foods of the world. They craft all their stocks, sauces, breads, and deserts from scratch daily.Our approach towards the operation of the restaurant is truly cooperative. We believe that every single member of our staff is integral to our success. “A recipe has no soul, but you as a chef should bring it to life”-Read this some where and we really feel it to be right. We as a chef,brings you our traditional and special recipes, as soulful, craving, fingerlicking delicious and healthy food. All our food and dishes are made out of quality food ingredients,so you will really have a healthy and delicious food right before you! Try some of our menus and we are sure you will never ever get such delicious food anywhere than our own “Tamarind”

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