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The Hakka Chinese population in Toronto comprised of first or second generation of Chinese born in Calcutta, India. The word Hakka means ‘Guest’. The Hakka Chinese are minority people who have emigrated from South China to places like India, Mauritius and Jamaica. In India, Calcutta was a primary location for Hakka Chinese to settle and further expand business opportunities such as dentistry, photography, leather tannery and Hakka chinese restaurant. Quite often our Indian customers have heard of ‘Bentinck Street’ and leather tanneries in Tangra, now populated with scores of Hakka Chinese restaurants.
Since 1980’s, most Hakka Chinese from India have settle in Toronto, Canada. The Chinese Indian flavour food is unique and different cooking style than the traditional or main stream Chinese food. The Hakka food is cooked with various Indian spices such as our famous Chicken Pakora or Chilli Chicken. Our head chef is originally from Bombay (Mumbai) who has mastered the Hakka cooking over the years and opened Tangerine Asian Cuisine on July 17, 2003. At Tangerine, we strive to provide our customers with great service and good food. Keeping truly to our motto, ‘A Taste Above All the Rest.’

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