A restaurant is a deep ingrained memory – an experience to reminisce, an escapade to cherish, a secret to smile over. A certain restaurant somewhere has always served the purpose of catering pleasant memories. You recall, you talk, you laugh, and you cry, you ponder – you face a whole range of emotions over that ‘particular incident’ in that ‘particular restaurant.’ Your memory is all the more enriched when something happens in a special restaurant like ours. In ‘Kathmandu Grill’, you can be assured that your memory is not a haze but a highlight that will sparkle throughout your life.
Our endeavor would always be to win the heart of our valued clients through our service. Therefore, our commitment to overall quality and value is built everyday through our valued clients. We invite you to set your feet once at the doorstep of our restaurant and experience and feel the difference about the culinary products we offer. Our management team has over 10 years of sales, distribution and culinary expertise. In addition to the extensive knowledge of the products we present, our experience in preparing foods enables us to offer specialty items from a Chef’s point of view. As taste continues to grow, it continually evaluates emerging products globally, ensuring our success and unique portfolio for years to come.

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