Welcome to The Persian Grill
We now have two locations! Our beautiful restaurant located in Lafayette Hill features a full bar with a wonderful selection. And our brand new location in Hatboro is BYO.
At the Persian Grill, we use only the finest imported spices and freshest ingredients in preparing all of our delicious dishes.
Persian food is very easy to like; mostly low in fat and calories; no hot spices or fried meats; nutritionally balanced and recommended by doctors; easy to digest and very delicious.
Our Basmati rice is directly imported from the bottom of the HiMALAYSIANas. We prepare our rice in the same manner that our ancestors made it hundreds of years ago, through which most of the fattening starch is rinsed out. The result is an extremely light, fluffy-textured, virgin-white rice that tastes like no ordinary rice.
We sincerely hope that you enjoy your Persian Grill experience!

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