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What makes our shawarma PERFECT?
All of our chicken and beef shawarmas are cooked fresh to perfection in front of our customers on a high-grade rotisserie. These rotisseries guarantee that the meat we serve is always juicy and heated to the ideal temperature. Our succulent chicken and beef shawarma can be enjoyed in one of our famous mouth-watering pita sandwiches or as a meal entrée plate with all the accompaniments.
Our concept
Villa Madina has been serving fresh, health, and authentic Mediterranean Cuisine to customers across Canada since 2004!
From homemade recipes and traditional cooking methods, Villa Madina captures and preserves the authenticity of Mediterranean cuisine. Each restaurant is equipped with several high-grade rotisseries where our signature shawarmas are slowly and evenly roasted to perfection.
We also have a wide selection of vegetarian dishes and ensure that all of our products are Halal certified. All of our products are prepared in front of you at our stores, so you can be sure that you’re always getting the freshest ingredients. This goes a long way in satisfying our very diverse customers who demand excellence. In addition we take special care in preparing our sauces, which are the foundation for any genuine Mediterranean experience.
Our menu items include:
Shawarma and Shish-Taouk pita Sandwiches
Shawarma, Falafel and Vegetarian Entrée Plates
Assorted Mediterranean Salads
Our store design is just as fresh and welcoming as our menu items. Villa Madina seeks to provide the total customer experience from the time you order right until you finish their last bite. We utilize neutral and serene colors that are the essence of fresh Mediterranean design, hoping to transport you over the course of your meal. Furthermore, we make sure to take pride in every meal we serve to a customer, as we love getting to know our consumers and want them to keep coming back for more!
Halal is a term used to describe what type of consumables are permissible and is often used in reference to meat products. All of our Villa Madina locations are halal certified. Our main certification body is the Halal Advisory Group, Canada’s largest halal certification agency. Villa Madina only sources the highest quality meats from halal certified suppliers and conducts regular audits to ensure full transparency and compliance. We are also committed to ensuring strict adherence to all Canadian health and safety regulations and standards.
For more information about halal or Villa Madina’s halal policies please visit the following link:

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