What’s for Döner


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Say ‘Derner’ but miss out the first ‘r’ sound, and you’re now officially able to pronounce the strangely looking name of Europes favorite street food, the Döner. So, what is it? A sandwich? A burger? Nein nein nein 🙂 It is….
Nowadays you can buy it at every corner throughout Europe. In the German streets, Döner maintains a country favorite! We eat it for lunch, for dinner, in between, after a long night out, or just if we haven’t had one for a while. So why is it so popular? Other than most street food, this one is prepared quickly, it’s in the same price range, BUT it’s still REAL food. It is handcrafted from fresh produce/ingredients creating one of the healthiest and at the same time most tasteful meals that fits into two hands. Whole grain, lean meat, fresh greens, and housemade sauces to top it off! No preservatives, no dyes, no artificial flavours.

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